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Synethics - Our Code of Professional Ethics

Our Mission is stated simply in three words: Building Enterprise Synergy. We strive to light the way forward in different endeavours and various settings to serve our diverse clientele. We aim to leverage our efforts with intellect rather than investment, to serve the interests of our Clients with maximum benefit at minimum cost. This we take as our duty; that we will work with integrity and transparency, to generate and explain options, and control the costs and risks for everyone involved. Our goal is to anticipate the concerns of all stakeholders in time to serve quality excellence always.
Proceeding in this mission; in our work for our clients, our company and our society...


We will ensure that we make a positive contribution to the lives of the people and organizations we touch - working in conservation of nature and toward justice and peace on earth. Our purposes and the means we employ to work toward them will be beneficent, or else they will not be undertaken or used by us. Whenever possible, and to the greatest extent feasible, we will work to mitigate any harm that may result from our commercial or other activities, wherever that negative impact is made, and regardless of whether that harm is economic, environmental or social.


In the expeditious pursuit of all of our duties, we will act with courtesy, respect, dignity and honour at all times. Special care will be taken with matters of privacy, security, confidentiality and the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our representations, pledges and promises. We embrace our responsibilities whether written or implied.


In keeping with the high expectations of professionalism upon us, we will provide full disclosure of any; limitations, risks, alternatives or conflicts, and the relative costs and benefits and problems associated with these. When required or appropriate, we will offer or solicit a peer review, to help clarify any uncertainties and to build an improved understanding for all involved.

Intellectual Integrity

Integral to our identity - the credibility we rely on and the trust we earn - is our never-ending quest for technical excellence and professional quality. In combining the two, we will be objective and incisive with everything that we do, as we give credit to others for their contribution, in deference to merit from wherever it arises.

Responsible Practice

With consideration for the people we work amongst, and in the knowledge that it is only through their support and by their efforts that we can succeed; we will always include their concerns in our message. In every case we will work toward the integrated design of safety, dignity and equality for all individuals, and the mitigation of harm, loss, waste or risk.

Stewardship of Knowledge

As professionals dependent on the growth and spread of knowledge; we will engage in intellectual exchange with equal vigour as both student and teacher. We will work to; improve public understanding of our company and industry; share technical knowledge with our clients, colleagues and academia; comprehensively explain the impacts and limitations of our initiatives, and to counter any false views that may exist.

This is how we illuminate opportunities for learning and progress, by...

Building Enterprise Synergy


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