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Business Intelligence through Data Mining
We offer a whole range of management consulting and organizational development services that are geared to improve the triple-bottom line performance of your business. But what we would like to call your attention to in this space, is a specific body of specialty analytical services that have very, very wide application...
Business Intelligence (BI) Data Mining and Analysis Services, or what we'll call 'BIDMAS' here.
In broad strokes, our BIDMAS works by carefully compiling (often overlooked) raw operating data from within your business processes, and combining it with suitable supporting information in order to develop valuable new insights that you can leverage to improve your operating performance. These insights spring from the clear focus we will develop on the actual, moment-by-moment, nitty-gritty functioning of your enterprise. Essentially, we help develop a highly-nuanced understanding of your organization and how it functions under real-world conditions. This will provide you with a resolution of comprehension that you never had before, sharp from the micro-level on-up.
By looking at your data sets as closely as we will; by looking both within and in-between the 'stacks' of your data sets factored against one-another and others; in addition to the recurrent patterns, the clusters and groupings, affinities, aversions and anomalies; we can often find the inspiration of insightful new metrics. Indeed, the development of new metrics is of particular interest within our BIDMASs. By following this methodical approach; by meticulously applying our analytical expertise *with intelligence*; and by developing new metrics as we go; we can help you find a way forward where previously there was none to be seen.
Our efforts on your behalf in this regard could be as simple as some extra expertise with that enormous 'data dump', or maybe a 'data fusion initiative'. Or perhaps what would pay-off the most, is a 'system', like a full-on 'heuristic model' that you can use to churn and squeeze the kernels of insight out of all those overlooked or unseen details hidden in the dark corners of your operation.
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