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Organizational Redesign Services from Synerlux Consulting Improve Performance 'Organically'
Once performance has been gauged; the potential for improvement has been scoped; and the obstacles have been identified and assessed, the work of redesign can go forward. All redesign work - whether it seeks an organization-wide optimization, or focuses on the reengineering of specific processes or positions - must take into account a wide array of considerations to achieve lasting success. For this reason, good organizational redesigns must be built upon a holistic perspective that encompasses the total operating reality within which the organization functions. The degree of insight that this demands can never be fully encapsulated by considering everything only in terms of dollars and cents - that would make no sense whatsoever.
Because organizations - especially businesses - are living things, and all living things change over time, this redesign work must reflect the fact that the end-state of the initiative is not the endpoint of change, but rather just the beginning of it. Organizations must change - must adapt - as a matter of survival and long term success, and whatever redesign initiative is undertaken, this requirement must also be provided for. A successful organizational redesign must not only seize the opportunities at hand, it must lay a foundation for the future.
This is what sets our redesign services above the pedantic proscriptions of the day's business fashions. We develop and leverage a richly-nuanced, holistic perspective of your organization and the environment in which it operates, in order to determine how best to proceed. We call this an organic perspective, because it views your organization as a living organism, intimately interconnected with other entities and the broader environment - which we define as a whole comprising the marketplace, the society and the natural world in which your organization exists. This is in contrast to the overly simplistic, reductive and mechanistic perspectives that are more common.
This is why our organizational redesign services will empower your enterprise to evolve out of the old schema that was unnecessarily constrained by 'the bottom line', and bring it into the new paradigm measured along a 'triple-bottom line' of successful performance in the economic, social and environmental realms.
To undertake this important redesign work, we offer the following services:
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