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Facilitation Services by Synerlux Consulting - Getting You 'There' Faster, Easier and Cheaper
When you need someone to just come in, roll-up their sleeves, and make something happen; our robust facilitation services can advance your agenda, however you need that done. If you are implementing a substantial improvement initiative or structural change in your operation, we can help you to navigate through the period of transition, while maintaining the forward momentum that is critical for sustained success.
Even on a smaller scale, when focussing on specific sub-processes, business units, or even on specific positions; overcoming the inertia that is inherent to the old way of doing things, can be among the most difficult challenges facing you. This is where we can step-in and do what needs doing, while getting everyone else to follow along.
Our facilitation services can bring that special added assistance to the effort, so that all of the pieces can be brought together in the right way, at the right time, with as little fuss and bother as possible. By working closely with your people, we can help everyone to optimize their efforts and achieve the necessary results as quickly and as durably as possible.
Although we are happy to help in a general sense or by applying specific skills, we are also pleased to offer specialized expertise in the following areas:
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