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A Message from Our Founder
I designed Synerlux to be
a different kind
of consulting company.
Ravi Karumanchiri - At your service.
Visionary Leaders have both the ability and willingness to improve their organizations

It is difficult for any one person acting alone, to change the world by themselves. However, when people unite their efforts behind a good idea, that potential comes within their combined reach. This is why organizations are the preeminent platform for progress in this world. It is why leadership is more than just leading followers. It is an opportunity to make a difference. It is a responsibility to bring improvement. It is the ability and willingness to unite people with a shared vision of a better way.

Driving learning and innovation to accelerate progress

I created Synerlux to aid in the pursuit of progress. We serve this purpose by helping leaders like you to change your world. To achieve this, we have developed a full suite of organizational development services to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and speed, while reducing the many costs and unintended effects of your operations. We enable you and your people to see with a new light - see your context, your options and each other - in a new light. This is how we drive learning and innovation to accelerate progress, and secure your organization's growing success.

Building Enterprise Synergy

Exactly what this might mean for your organization is something that you can only find out by speaking with me. After all, Building Enterprise Synergy means different things for different people in different organizations.

More information

Want to know more? You can read the details about my company and our services and how we deliver excellence. You can also browse through our eBook Store, which offers electronic publications on how you can improve the performance of your organization. Please let me know if you have questions.

Free initial consultation

Of course, your best option is to invite me to pay you a visit (at no cost or obligation within the Greater Toronto Area). Simply reach-out to me using your preferred method listed on our Contact Us page.
It would be my pleasure - I am sure.
Ravi Karumanchiri         Founder & Principal, Synerlux Consulting


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