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For companies taking a long-term view, no single transaction is as important as repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. What makes this a true challenge is that the proverbial bar is constantly being raised by the ever-greater expectations of customers. This is why building customer loyalty and brand power requires a never-ending journey of innovation and continuous improvement.
Winning companies are geared for innovation, and they have the margins to make their vision come alive. These companies do not chase after customers with discounts and promotional offers; they drive the market and win customers by doing better - by being better - while they raise the bar above what their competitors can offer. This is not just about product and service excellence. It is about how these products and services are envisioned, engineered, offered for sale, and supported afterwards with follow-on offerings.
The answer, then, is to develop your organization to achieve more than productivity, efficiency and quality. Business leaders must craft and guide their enterprises to achieve higher degrees of operational responsiveness, flexibility, focus, and control; in order to systematize innovation and quicken continuous improvement. This is how a company can shape the market, rather than merely compete in it. This is how a company can exclude its competitors from consideration, rather than engage in incremental one-upmanship. This is how a company can build market share, and secure growing profits over the long term.
To secure this kind of success - growing and lasting success - companies must focus not only on 'getting it right', but also on perfecting themselves; improving their processes, positions, personnel, inter-functional integration and coordination, in pursuit of a wide array of organizational development imperatives that all add-up to superior performance and valuable innovation, achieved quicker than all others, to transform 'the race' into your race.
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