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Achieve Social Stewardship as a Good Corporate Citizen
Being a 'good corporate citizen' is a good start, but there is no reason to stop just there. While no one should discount the important societal contributions of paying wages, taxes and dividends, this is far from the full measure of what an organization has to offer society. By seeing beyond these simple exchanges, an organization can become more than itself - it can become a true enterprise, in a truly enterprising sense.
Because organizations - businesses in particular - have resources, capacities and capabilities that individual citizens typically do not have; they can play a transformative role in society, in a way that few individuals ever can. At issue is: What kind of transformation should be pushed and pursued? If maximizing the profit potential of the enterprise is the guiding objective - that is, extracting wealth - it is a certainty that individuals and groups within the society will rise in opposition. Conversely, if the focus is on 'the greater good', it is much easier to find partners and supporters to carry the enterprise forward. This mindset has been termed 'enlightened self-interest'.
By applying the innovative capacities of an enterprise in this direction, business leaders can achieve a win-win that will pay dividends long into the future, for all involved. This is the way ahead for forward-looking organizations that work to create 'bigger pies' for all, in contrast to those who seek merely a 'bigger slice', all for themselves.
This explains why performing as a 'Social Steward' can help an enterprise to achieve a number of very valuable objectives, including; easier recruitment of choice talent, retention of valued employees, community acceptance for new endeavours, preferential investment and access to grants, perhaps even regulatory forebearance and other advantages that amount to sustainable competitive advantage.
For this cause, Synerlux offers a unique set of services that can help create a self-reinforcing dynamic of gains and growth, for the benefit of a company's employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, altogether.
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